“We must shine with hope, stained glass windows that shape light into icons,
glow like lanterns borne before a procession.
Who can bear hope back into the world but us…”         
–Marge Percy


She/her/hers. Mom of 3. Listener. Truth Seeker. Hope Bearer.

What you should know:
I am okay with life’s messiness.
I think there are many ways to get to the same destination.
I feel deeply and seek joy.
I’m a visionary grounded in the practical.
I believe we all have a story to tell.
I believe life is a journey.

Bonus Info
Amateur yoga practitioner
Aspiring rower
Lover of quotes

Native Midwesterner, seasoned with 6 years in the South

Former Presbyterian profoundly shaped by Quakers, a denominational dabbler, now a Member in Discernment pursuing ordination in the United Church of Christ (UCC)

Foundational Commitments

  • the uniqueness and worth of individuals
  • inclusion and diversity
  • the empowerment, nurture, and education of, especially, women, children, and families
  • care for and connection with (through experience in) the natural environment
  • positive, communicative, collaborative communities that foster individuals’ growth and development, honor individual agency, and utilize peaceful conflict resolution
  • my faith (detailed faith statement available upon request)

Vocational Vision
I’m happy doing God’s work in many settings. A focus on gathering, worshiping, and living faithfully together as a community matters more to me than the setting itself. I find working with a diversity of people from varied backgrounds especially lifegiving. I envision serving in a structured setting (e.g. church, hospital, school, camp, etc.) that encourages collaborative engagement and values creative freedom. I work hard to be multiculturally aware, affirming, inclusive, and anti-racist, and think our institutions should, too.

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