“You think religion is what’s inside a little building filled with pretty lights from stained glass windows. But it’s not. It’s wings! Wings!”         
–Dorothy Canfield Fisher


My vision for ministry is to:

  • serve and care with people in all twists and turns of their faith and life journeys
  • build understanding among people who think differently
  • make the world more peaceful
  • envision new possibilities while honoring the past
  • speak truth even when it’s hard
  • give voice to people’s experiences
  • help others grow spiritually
  • illuminate scripture in new ways
  • illuminate God’s love for and work in this world
  • engage relationally with others in ways that motivate collective action for realizing Jesus’ promise of abundant life


  • Congregational Ministry
    • Preaching
    • Teaching
    • Vision and Transition Teams
    • Advisory Committees
    • Pulpit Supply/Contract Pastor
  • Chaplaincy
    • Pastoral Care of Children and Families
    • Experience with trauma care and care during short and long-term health crises
  • Religious Education
    • Director of Adult Formation
    • Director of Equipping Ministries for Children/Youth/Families
    • Religious Education Teacher
    • Youth Ministry
    • Trip Leader
    • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Community Outreach
    • Homeless Ministry
    • Founder and Facilitator, Interfaith Gathering



  • Empathetic Listening
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Writing liturgy and creating curriculum that is sensitive to context, community, culture, and work of the Spirit
  • Creative worship/ritual planning and leadership
  • Retreat planning
  • Mental Health First Aid


  • progressive church leadership
  • creative worship
  • link between writing/creative arts and spirituality
  • ecumenical and interfaith collaboration
  • trauma-informed spiritual care
  • lifelong spiritual formation
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