A Moment for Prayer



I created this prayer station as a final project for my Global Christian Spiritualities class. Students were to create “a significant original artwork or art form of quality, depicting their personal Christian spiritualities.”

Spirituality is contextual; it grows, is challenged by, and is shaped by life’s circumstances and one’s experiences. I believe God is before, with, and beyond us, both in our joy and our suffering. God calls us to love and to community in all of our circumstances. Even in grief, there is much to be shared. As a way to ground my understanding of my spirituality in my immediate context while creating space for others, I created this prayer station in honor of my mom, for the people at Hope Lodge, Iowa City.  Designed to be mobile, it will be moved to other spaces as well. Each element, from the bread and the position of the candles, to the red stones with names of people who have impacted me and the plaid cloth, all represent something about my faith and spirituality, yet invites reflection and participation from others.



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