“Write to find out your name and who you are.”
–Marlena Graves

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My blog, Writing True North, helped me make sense of how I ended up where I was and where I might go in the future. I will always be “Writing My Way to the Authentic,” but in some ways, writing my way there was a personal thing. I created the blog before I understood why I write, for whom I write, and what the responsibility of having an audience entails.

“You are not just one name. Many names make an identity.”  –Sandy Sasso

I created my blog, RevDrMom, when I thought I had myself and my future all figured out. I thought the identity crisis between my roles as pastor and writer was resolved. And then I entered seminary and I was more confused than ever.

 “As a writer, do not make up your mind that you are only one thing.” —Gertrude Stein

Now I’m faced with a choice. Which blog? Do I blog at all? Where do I talk about writing? Ministry? What do I do when they overlap? What if I don’t end being what I think I’m going to be?

“Write and offer your gift to the world.” –Marlena Graves

I’ve discovered there are many things that make me who I am. Writing allows me to stretch my understanding of myself and others. It allows freedom where I otherwise may feel boxed in. I read some of my early writing and blush with embarrassment. So much of it seems clunky, obtuse, and raw. Despite this, along the way people reached out and said that my writing meant something to them.

There are several bloggers who speak to my life. I can only hope I may do the same for others.  So, despite my past inconsistency blogging, I’m going to continue.  But this time, I’m not trying to write into only one identity. I’m retiring Writing True North and Rev Dr. Mom. I’m just going to be me, a writer with a free spirit and affection for taking the unconventional path. I hope you’ll join me for the journey here at Sign up to receive email notifications of new posts–it will make it easy to sojourn with me! Thank you for your dedication and following.



Join Me for the Journey


Puzzles were a hit with my kids this summer. One by one we’d rally around the oak drop-leaf table adding a piece here, making another fit there. Sometimes tempers flared in bouts of frustration. Suddenly the moment came when the pieces all came together. We whooped and cheered with satisfaction and pride.

I moved to Georgia from Iowa almost two years ago. One of my favorite things about moving to a new place and meeting new people is putting together the pieces of their lives midstream. Formal conversations over a backyard fence lead to lunch, their friends share things you didn’t know, and eventually long walks and family dinners lead to deeper understanding of who this person is. You may not have known the person your whole life, but little by little the pieces that make them who they are come together.

I expect this blog may be like that for my readers. I’ve blogged periodically for a few years, so some of you will know part of my story from my former blogs. I’ll do my best to provide some background, but there will probably be some gaps here and there. Honestly, there will be for me, too—I’m still figuring out how to put my own puzzle together. Jump in with me and join me for the journey!